Sell your property faster

with a virtual tour!

Private Virtual Tours in KwaZulu-Natal

Is your home for sale and do you want to have more viewings?

My360 KZN offers real estate virtual tours for an affordable price. We deliver virtual tours of high quality and in HDR. We have a portfolio to prove that we are one of the largest virtual tours companies in KwaZulu-Natal.

A virtual tour gives a potential buyer the opportunity to view your home from the comfort of their own home! Moreover, you as a seller have a greater reach and you will have fewer “time-consuming” visits. If your prospective buyer decides to come and see your property, they are already very interested as they will already have viewed the virtual tour several times!

Our virtual tours are also fully compatible with VR technology and can be used on your website, emails, portals, social media and can be sent by WhatsApp.

Never before was selling a home so simple! And what’s more, we apply low rates so you should not ask yourself whether you can afford a virtual tour, but whether you can afford not to make a virtual tour?

Start selling your property today!

Do not wait any longer to make a virtual tour of your home. Your property could still be sold today!

These are the steps you need to take to request a virtual tour of your home:

  1. Call 0027 61 440 7007  to request a free quotation for your home
  2. Make an appointment to have a Virtual Tour made
  3. Make sure your home looks good before our photographer comes along
  4. Wait for the photo session (a photo session usually takes less than 30 minutes)
  5. Receive your photos online within 24 hours
  6. Choose your final images
  7. Receive all links and embed codes to your virtual tour
  8. Share your virtual tour online, on house portals, your website, your broker’s website, on social media and send them by email or WhatsApp!

Follow these 8 easy steps and sell your home faster than that of your neighbours!

Do you also want a nice virtual tour like this?

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